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I began aggressively shooting photos of American scenes in March of 2005. My plan was to combine images into finished compositions. It has been just recently that I have begun reviewing my many thousands of photographs and asking myself: “Which of these images are strong enough to stand on their own?” and “What makes a truly iconic American image?” My most recent paintings are an effort to create iconic American images. These paintings, because of their scale and interpretation of the photographic reference, offer possibilities to multiply the power of the photographed image. While these works are painted as individual artworks, each image is like a scene in a movie about America.

Amber, Ready for the Gloves

NYC Bouquets

Leaving Denver

12 Cakes

Hanging Out at the Fair

Cotton Candy

Queen Anne's Lace

Wildflowers 2

Prairie Grass

Bed, Talbot Hotel

Empire Diner


Green Lake

Lemonade 2

State Fair Riders


Untitled No. 3 (Parking Ramp)

Out of the Gate

Once Lost


Midway Rides State Fair

Rodeo Clown Generations

New York City

Factory 2


Midway Lights


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