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Sketches for Whimsical Paintings

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Several years prior to leaving my career in marketing in 2000 I suddenly noticed that I had made a small sketch or doodle in the margin of a notepad during a meeting. I was struck by the shapes and visualized this sketch becoming a large painting. After that I went through my files to find notes that I'd taken in previous months and yearsduring business meetings and phone calls. I learned that I had been making these sketches for about a year but not before that time. I began ripping the edges off of my notepad when I found these sketches and putting them in a large envelope. These sketches became the basis for the Whimsical series of watercolors, acrylics, and oils, as well as many of the Inscribed oils. Because I didn't plan to make these sketches and did them mostly unconsciously, I thought of them as found objects that contained surprising opportunities for dividing space.

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