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Aquarium, watercolor collage, 1997, 29.5" X 41.25"


Most of my work is completed within a fairly short period of time. I might work on a piece for a day, a few days, or a week or two before finishing it. Some times, because I become more interested in another idea or because of life's distractions, pieces are begun and not finished for a longer period of time, or never finished. (I have some pieces dating back to the mid 70's I know I'll use some day.)

Most of the pieces of Aquarium were made in 1991. I had a serious abstract composition laid out, covered with a sheet of paper, and stored in a drawer. For whatever reason, I didn't complete the piece for six years. During that time I moved twice and the pieces shifted position and became wrinkled.

One day I wanted to work on the piece again. Rather than be upset by the inadvertent changes to the composition, I decided to respond to the accidental changes in the pieces. I completely rearranged the pieces, ripped, folded, and flattened them, and adhered them to the base paper. The feeling of the piece was very different than the original concept.